Past Projects

Achievement list

Management consulting record

Strategy formulation support

・System development industry revenue improvement reform support
・Industrial machinery maker supports formulation of medium-term management strategy
・Supporting establishment of medium-term management strategy of housing manufacturer

Organizational culture reform support

・Housing materials manufacturer "Sales office" organizational culture reform
・Food container maker "Sales division" organizational culture reform
・Automobile parts maker "Technology division" organizational culture reform"

New business development support

・Food maker new business planning support
・Semiconductor related maker new business hands-on support
・Power service industry new business hands-on support
・System development business New business development support for local governments

Support for new product development

・Manufacturing new product development process construction support
・Stationery manufacturer new product planning support

Sales reform support

・Instrument trading company sales organization diagnosis
・Metal processing business sales department coaching
・ystem development business SFA / CRM system introduction support

Training / Human Resource development service achievements

Management executive course

・Management strategy training for the next generation executive candidate (general manager of the trading company)
· Management reform coaching training for management executives (manufacturing executive management)
· Communication improvement training (manager of the manufacturing retailing business)
· Training for improving communication with subordinates (candidates, executive candidates for industrial crisis)
· Project manager development training (manager of electric machine maker)
· Logical thinking method for solving problems (mid-sized employee of major industrial equipment maker)
· Basics of financial statements analysis (candidate for retail management senior management · mid-level employee)
· Basic financial accounting training (manufacturing retailer mid-level employee)

Professional courses

· Product planning professional training (manufacturing industry)
· Persona marketing practice course (manufacturing retail business)
· Individual coaching training for sales people (manufacturing industry)
· Interviewer training (IT related company) for strengthening recruitment
· Treatment ability improvement training (retail store)
· Training for improving marketing skills of small and medium-sized enterprises (manufacturing industry)
· Strengthening of design / development capability (manufacturing industry)
· Claim response to enhance customer satisfaction (eatery chain)
· Training for improvement of display skills (Manufacturing industry)

Recruitment service achievements

ValueShift Executive Carrier