Offered Services

Management Consulting Service

Value Shift management consulting places emphasis on people and the organization.
We encourage employee and organizational growth as well as management results.
Featuring not only theory, but also highly effective support in the workplace.

Management Strategy / New Business

・Support for formulating medium- to long-term business plan
・Business strategy・Plan formulation support
・Department strategy・Plan formulation support
・Support workshop on new business development
・Hands-on new business development support
・Contest new business development support
・New product development support


・Organizational consciousness reform support
・Organizational culture reform support
・Organizational design linked with strategy
・Diagnosis of employee motivationbr> ・Support for work optimization
・Strengthening sales organization
・Sales organization・Sales force diagnosis

Training / Human Resource Development Service

The greatest feature of Value Shift's training is custom made
based on corporate culture / culture and personnel system
From the extensive base lineup, we will choose highly trained training design
every time from an expert's point of view, and provide you the training that matches your company most.

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Managing executive training human resources

Executives are human resources who manage people and organizations at each level within the company.
We prepare training courses according to the talent image of each level from the field level to department and company level.

Candidate for officers
Management executive candidate
Department manager
Department manager candidate

Specific training curriculum (example)
[Mind Switch] To train employees who have ability, employees who do not quit
[Future prospecting seminar] Applied for new businesses and developing a new product/ service

Professional human resource development

Professional human resources are the ones who have professional specializations and fulfill their mission within the company. We prepare training courses according to each personnel position.

Strategy・Planning Professional
New Business Professional
New Product Professional
Production Professional
Sales ・Marketing Professional
Sales・Store Management Professional
uman Resources Labor Professional

Recruitment service

Valueshift also offers a recruitment service focused on discovering and developing next-generation leaders.

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